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Manisofts' Amazon Success Story

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Amazon Sucess story

$30,000/ month
revenue from Amazon Wholesale business in less than 3 Months

What drove Manisofts to start providing services on Amazon ?

Imran CEO of Manisofts was an average guy, working a 9-5 job and was constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to make some passive income. He was looking to make anywhere from $500- $1,000 per month but his success surpassed his wildest dreams. At first, he had some hard times to provide services to small businesses which made hardly 100 to 150$ per month. Then he made his own the Biggest Amazon Consulting Agency in Pakistan with more than 500 members.

But what was the secret to Manisofts’s Success?

#1: Find a niche

Try and look at your personal experience and think:

What items am I good at finding deals for ?
Which item categories have I too easily dismissed ?
What intimate products would people prefer to buy online at a premium instead of going to a store ?
If I can find great deals on shoes and games for my kids – why can’t this translate into my niche ?

#2: Make connections and build relationships

Some of Manisofts’s Top networking tips are:
Be honest, tell salespeople who are genuinely interested in why you buy such a large quantity and variety of weird items the truth. Say you run an online business, selling items to people who otherwise would not have the time or access to such products.
Keep a list of names either of employees or managers who were helpful and/or you had a connection with. Visiting tens of stores you may easily forget. Remembering a helpful employees name will make them feel good about themselves and make them more inclined to continue helping you.
It’s always nice to befriend the manager but more often than not they will be less helpful as they are very busy. The people who can really help you are the employees who know exactly what is on sale and what is being restocked. Pay attention to the little people!
Respect the stores that you go into and be sure to not make a mess and put things back in their place. This way stores will be happy to see you come and not just go.

#3: Build a strategy

Manisofts’s success was built off of a simple strategy that you can replicate or use in order to develop your own. The strategy is really simple:
Go to a store and look for a single item with a 20% profit margin.
Call up other branches or even competing stores and ask them if they carry this item at a similar price
If you can’t find the item then you saved yourself a trip
But if you do find the item than buy as many as you can in the store you are currently in and drive to the other branches and pick up the rest of the merchandise.

Let’s assume you found a table top lamp for $20 and you are convinced you can sell it fo for a 20% profit and by calling up other branches you find a total of 30 pieces – you would have a generous income source here especially if you take Amazon fees into consideration when deciding on the price. If this item is on sale then it’s hard to replicate but still a good deal, on the other hand if this is a regularly stocked item sold at this price then you just found yourself a product which can offer you a regular source of income. All you have to do is find more items like this and you are in business

As a society we love learning about success stories so that we can emulate and learn from them. The trick to his success was in his business strategy, he focused on items that:

The essence of this approach is to create a quick and steady revenue stream using items with a low profit margin but high volume. These lower priced items are also easier to find in general and especially in larger quantities which makes this model more sustainable.

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