Walmart Client Success Spotlight

$35,757 Sales
Manisofts Generated in 60 Days

Within the span of 30 days, Manisofts has not only propelled Chanoch Rozental’s Walmart store to remarkable sales but has also orchestrated a holistic revival in the store’s health metrics.

Here’s a snapshot of the transformative journey:
  • 1 Day Sale: $807
  • 7 Day Sale: $11,520
  • 14 Day Sale: $19,317
  • 30 Day Sale: $35,757.44
Health Metrics Improvement:

Upon acquisition, the store faced severe health challenges:

  • Cancellation Rate: Reduced from 17% to an impressive 1.7%
  • Tracking Rate: Enhanced from 55% to a robust 93%
  • On-Time Delivery: Elevated from 77% to a stellar 98%

This comprehensive transformation speaks volumes about Manisofts’ expertise in not only boosting sales but also in reviving and optimizing the overall health of an e-commerce store.

Chanoch’s success story reflects the commitment of Manisofts to address and overcome challenges, ensuring our clients not only meet but exceed their e-commerce goals.

Future Goals for This Store:

Looking ahead, we aim to achieve even greater milestones:

  • Sales Target in the Next 60 Days: $50,000
  • Ongoing Health Metrics Optimization: Aim for 99% across all performance indicators

Ready to elevate your e-commerce journey? Join hands with Manisofts, where success is not just a destination; it’s a journey.

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