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Why Choose Manisofts?

Manisofts is an Amazon consulting agency that offers many services to help you succeed in businesses like Amazon FBA Wholesale, Online Arbitrage, and Amazon Private Label.

We provide product research, listing optimization, pricing strategies, inventory management, advertising, branding, and customer service. We also offer Amazon account management, helping sellers agree with Amazon’s policies and procedures and providing customer support for good ratings. Our experienced eCommerce consultants also provide consultancy to help you optimize operations and increase sales with good ROI (Return On Investment).

We are trusted among our Amazon FBA clients for a high success rate.

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Our Most Demanded Services

Amazon Wholesale Management
Amazon Online Arbitrage
Amazon Private Label
Amazon FBA Wholesale
Hunting Products with a Return on Investment (ROI) of more than 25%.
Reverse Sourcing is a method of obtaining goods at a lower cost.
Getting rid of the price lists.
Listing & Optimization of Products
Amazon Online Arbitrage
Start by researching products that are selling at a lower price.
Once you have identified a profitable product, find a supplier that can sell it to you at a lower price.
Finding a supplier, place an order for the product.
Amazon Private Label
Finding a gainful product based on the logical research of the market
All ordering and managing the inventory business and manufacturing process.
Multiple launching products in a same place to achieve brand domination for our clients.

Some of Our Client's Store Results

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Imran’s Amazon Account

We Achieved 1 Month Sales: 16K Sales

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Tom’s Amazon Account

We Achieved 1 Month Sales: 40K Sales

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Kumar’s Amazon Account

We Achieved 1 Month Sales: 36K Sales

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Henry’s Amazon Account

We Achieved 1 Month Sales: 66K Sales

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Tom’s Amazon Account

We Achieved 3rd Month Sales: 67K Sales

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Alijah’s Amazon Account

We Achieved 1 Month Sales: 39K Sales

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Professional Staff Ready to Help Your Business

Mr. Muhammad Imran

Mr. Muhammad Imran


Subsequent to spending more than 7 years with Manisofts, I feel extremely favored to write this message as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer. We began our journey on May 13, 2017, and have spent the past years continuing to build our company, which has now become synonymous with our commitment to helping our clients share knowledge and create a revolution.

As a company, we have seen much change over the past 5 years. For example:

  • We have nearly quadrupled our workforce and have embraced diversity and gender balance.
  • We have become the leading provider of eCommerce solutions.
  • We have expanded our presence globally; we now have major clients in Europe, America, and the UK.

It is also important to note what has not changed at Manisofts, namely our commitments to providing exceptional client service and to living our core values: Excellence in Everything, Leadership by Example, Integrity, and Transparency Focus on the Client and Employee Centered.

Looking ahead, we are focused on accelerating the execution of our growth strategy while continuing to build on the strength of our company—helping our clients share knowledge and create a revolution and bring positive change to the communities in which we work and live. I am incredibly excited about this journey and truly believe the best of Digital Business is yet to come.

Mr. Muhammad Imran
Founder & C.E.O

Mr. Muhammad Usman

Mr. Muhammad Usman


“Hello my name is Muhammad Usman, and I am the co-founder of manisofts which is one of the largest and leading e-commerce agencies in Pakistan.” We are helping different sellers to grow as multi-millionaire companies on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify. We help hundreds of new sellers, influencing and guiding the workers professionally by adding massive value to the company.

“There is a notion that to grow a business you have to be ruthless”.

We believe businesses can grow with a conscience and succeed with a soul and that they can do it with inbound That’s why we have created an ecosystem uniting different skills in different fields of e-commerce and online businesses under one roof to develop skills and educate our community in e-commerce and help online businesses to grow better every day.

Mr. Ubaid Ullah

Mr. Ubaid Ullah


Muhammad Ubaidullah, a highly skilled programmer with a diverse skill set, joined Manisofts in 2019 as Wholesale Head, Muhammad Ubaidullah has shown a remarkable ability to lead his team while continuously improving his own skills. For him, life and leading the team are the same because both help us to learn from the past to solve future problems.

As a programmer, Muhammad Ubaidullah has expertise in several programming languages ​​and technologies, including C++, C#, HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap 4, jQuery, MVC5, Core,, Entity Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, and Vision. He is passionate about continuous learning and development and is committed to enhancing his skill set until his last breath.

Mr. Zafar Iqbal

Mr. Zafar Iqbal


Mr Zafar Iqbal has completed his MPhil in Computer Sciences from a reputed university in Pakistan. He has 6-year experience in IT and 3 years of expertise in the eCommerce world. He has strong knowledge of eCommerce platforms like (Amazon, Walmart, and eBay). 

For the last 2 years, He has been working with Manisofts, a legacy of excellence in the eCommerce world in Pakistan. He has a firm grip on Amazon FBA models (Wholesale, Online Arbitrage) and Private labels. He is currently leading the Managerial work with FBA teams and working on reports to smooth the work for groups with intelligent working.

Manisofts Have More Services

Manisofts is a premier eCommerce and Amazon consulting agency that offers web development and graphic designing services to enhance your online store’s visual appeal and functionality. We understand the importance of high-quality images in product listings, which is why we specialize in product designing and photo editing to help your products stand out from the competition.

Our team of skilled graphic designers can create visually appealing designs for your website that are optimized for user experience and can help boost your sales. Whether it’s editing product listing images or creating engaging banners, our team is committed to providing you with exceptional service that meets your business needs.

Choose Manisofts for all your web development and graphic designing requirements and experience a seamless and hassle-free service.

Web development
Your website is your online storefront.
From responsive design to user-friendly interfaces.
Our team of experienced web designers will work with you to create a website that drives results.
Graphic Designing
Elevate your brand with stunning graphic designs that leave a lasting impression.
From simple to stunning images, bring your brand to life.
Create designs that perfectly represent your brand.

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My favorite thing about Manisofts is how organized they are as a company and am delighted with the results
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They are very knowledgeable about Amazon Wholesale & had 0 problems with them so far
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My experience so far has been great, and affordable yet no one beats their professionalism

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