Walmart Success: Another 30 Days, Another Triumph!

$36,000 Sales
Manisofts Generated in 30 Days

In a mere 30 days, Manisofts continues to script success stories, and this time, it’s the remarkable journey of boosting sales for our client. Let’s dive into the transformative metrics:

Sales Performance:
  • 1 Day Sale: $1,870
  • 7 Day Sale: $11,366
  • 14 Day Sale: $16,903
  • 30 Day Sale: $36,744
Elevating Health Metrics:

Once again, we faced initial health challenges head-on and conquered them:

  • Cancellation Rate: Slashed from 17% to an impressive 1.7%
  • Tracking Rate: Skyrocketed from 55% to a robust 93%
  • On-Time Delivery: Soared from 77% to a stellar 98%

This comprehensive transformation is a testament to Manisofts’ prowess in propelling sales and optimizing the overall health of an e-commerce store.

Our client’s success reaffirms Manisofts commitment to overcoming challenges, ensuring that our clients not only meet but exceed their e-commerce goals.

Future Goals for This Store:

Looking forward, the journey doesn’t stop:

Sales Target in the Next 60 Days: Aiming for $55,000

Ongoing Health Metrics Optimization: Setting the bar high at 99% across all performance indicators
Ready to witness your e-commerce journey reaching new heights? Partner with Manisofts, where success is more than a milestone; it’s an ongoing narrative.

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