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amazon reinstatement process work

 How to Buy on Alibaba and Sell on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the most popular marketplaces where sellers ۔ can list and sell their products to millions of customers around the world. However, there are some challenges that you’ll face on Amazon exclusively, i.e., account suspensions. Amazon may suspend a seller’s account for various reasons, such as listing counterfeit products violating policies, or receiving negative feedback from customers.If your account gets suspended, you will be unable to sell ۔ on Amazon until you successfully appeal the suspension and have your account reinstated. The Amazon reinstatement

process can be complex and time-consuming۔ but it is essential to follow some proper steps to avoid a permanent suspension. In this blog, we will provide you with all the relevant information regarding Amazon’s reinstatement process. We will provide you with insights on how to identify ۔ the root cause of the suspension if your account gets suspended ۔ guidance about writing a persuasive appeal, and submit it to Amazon for review.

There is complete guidance about account suspensions and their specific reasons. We will provide you with tips on how to check if your account is suspended۔  and review the suspension notice and required actions. Moreover, we will cover how to prepare your appeal. We will discuss the importance of gathering evidence to support your case, i.e., invoices, shipping labels ۔ or any other documentation that proves the authenticity and quality of your products. We will also provide you with tips on how to craft a persuasive appeal letter. In short, this blog provides you with all the information needed to get your account reinstated through a process.

Understanding Amazon Suspensions

There can be many reasons for Amazon FBA accounts suspension among those the main reasons ۔ for newly created accounts suspension can be

Deviation from Amazon’s terms and conditions:

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform and the most reliable. Amazon tries to maintain its status in a competitive market and imposes strict terms and conditions for the sellers. Some sellers do not understand the complexities in terms and۔ conditions of Amazon in particular and Ecommerce rules and regulations in general. This lack of basic knowledge about Amazon and e-commerce ۔ forces them to make mistakes that can get their account suspended or blocked.

Poor performance reported by Amazon algorithms

As earlier mentioned, Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform ۔ and it tries to maintain its status in a competitive market by imposing strict terms and conditions on the sellers. Amazon measures the performance of its sellers to maintain its status through different algorithms like the order defect rate (ODR) ۔  late shipment rate (LSR), and cancellation rate (CR). If a seller can’t meet the criteria for being an Amazon seller, their account gets suspended.

Technical mistake of logarithms:

Amazon AI system and logistics create a link with sellers and suspend the account on the basis of their performance. But sometimes it can be a technical mistake by these logistics, and you may get your account suspended. Not to worry about thiskind of suspension, as you can easily get your account unsuspended by appealing to Amazon. If you have no idea, contact Manisofts ۔ it provides you all the relevant information to get your Amazon FBA seller account unsuspended.

Sole seller of a product:

Amazon never allows a product to be sold by a single seller. Even American laws prevent them from controlling price fixing in the open market. If you are the sole seller of the product, your account may be suspended.

Linked accounts suspension: Many sellers get their accounts suspended due to linked accounts. These linked accounts have some kind of defaulted history that costs them by the new account suspension. The Linked account suspension may occur because of these reasons

suspension because of Service provider: You may have allowed access to your account tosomeone whose account is suspended ۔   like a service provider. Amazon detects the connectionand suspends your account.

 Already have a suspended account: If an Amazon seller has a previous defaulted account and creates a new one ۔ it will be suspended when Amazon gets the link between the accounts. Thus, keep in mind once gone, gone.

Seller as a consultant: An Amazon seller who is selling on ۔ Amazon as well as providing consultancy to others and logs into ۔ others accounts he can get his account suspended because of the linkage detected by Amazon

Preparing Your Appeal

Preparing a persuasive appeal can be challenging to get your Amazon account reinstated. You must prepare your appeal ۔  gather evidence, and craft a convincing appeal letter for the reinstatement of your account. Collect documentation that supports your case ۔  such as invoices, receipts, shipping labels, and customer feedback. These things will help you demonstrate that you are a legitimate seller and that your products meet Amazon’s standards.

Then craft an appeal letter in persuasive language that addresses the specific reason for your account suspension. Try to be concise, and polite ۔  and avoid making accusations or blaming others. Explain concisely what actions you have taken to address the issue and prevent it from happening again. Your appeal letter must include a clear road map that shows how you will prevent similar issues in the future. This plan must be relevant and practical ۔  demonstrating that you understand Amazon’s policies and guidelines. Before submitting, proofread it carefully and if there are errors or omissions, please remove them properly. A well-crafted appeal letter with strong evidence and a clear plan of action ۔ can significantly increase your chances of getting your account reinstated.

Submitting Your Appeal

Before submitting make sure all these things gathered all the necessary evidence Make sure to address the ۔ specific reason for your account suspension and provide all additional information that may be relevant to your case. The reinstatement process takes time so be patient and do not contact Amazon repeatedly ۔ In case of denial of your appeal ۔ you have to revise appeal letter with additional evidence and a new plan of action.

Hiring an Amazon Reinstatement Consultant

If you have tried to reinstate your Amazon account without success or are unsure of how to proceed, hiring an Amazon account reinstatement consultant may be a good option. Amazon reinstatement consultants are experts in the Amazon marketplace and can assist you with navigating the appeals process. Manisofts provides you with expert consultanting regarding Amazon’s reinstatement. We are available 24/7, Feel free to contact us we have a team of experts regarding all Amazon-related services.

An Amazon reinstatement consultant will review your account suspension. He will also identify the root causes of your suspension and will guide you accordingly. The consultant will then help you prepare a persuasive appeal letter that addresses the specific reasons for your account suspension and provides evidence to support your case.In addition tohelping you with your appeal letter,

an Amazon reinstatement consultant

will provide you with a practical plan of action to get your account unsuspended. He/she will guide you on how you have to deal with Amazon which will further make them believe that you know their policies and guidelines and that you have taken the necessary steps to prevent similar issues from happening in the future. An Amazon reinstatement consultant will also provide you with the necessary guidance on how to communicate with Amazon properly and how to respond to any additional requests for information or documentation. They can help you navigate the appeals process, and increases your chances of getting your account reinstated. Thus, it saves your time.

It is important to do your research and choose an Amazon reinstatement consultant with a proven track record of success and positive reviews from previous clients. Manisofts has more than 160 happy clients and provides you with consultants who are experts in their specific fields. While hiring a consultant can be an additional expense, it may be worth it, in the long run۔  to get your Amazon account reinstated and avoid losing potential revenue. Moreover۔  hiring a consultant will save you time and ۔thus enable you to get more profit in a shorter period of time


In conclusion, the Amazon reinstatement process can be challenging, stressful, and time-consuming. At the same time, it has perks when your account gets unsuspended and reinstated. Clearly speaking it is essential to take the necessary steps to get your account reinstated ۔ you must make some effort to get your account reinstated. Understanding Amazon’s policies and guidelines is critical to avoiding account suspensions, but if you do get suspended,
preparing a compelling appeal letter and gathering all the necessary evidence is key to getting your account reinstated.

An Amazon reinstatement consultant can also help you with the appeals process. He/she can help you prepare a persuasive appeal letter۔ provide a road map for the task, and navigate the appeals process ۔  increasing your chances of getting your account reinstated. Politeness, professionalism, and being to the point when communicating with Amazon are the secrets of 100% success. Don’t mess up things with unnecessary arguments or accusations. Last but not least Amazon receives a large volume of appeals every day ۔ so your appeal needs to stand out and you must be patient to get your account reinstated

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