Amazon FBA newly created accounts are getting blocked. Why?

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Amazon FBA newly created accounts are getting blocked. Why?

Amazon’s FBA business is a process that allows its sellers to get their products stored managed and shipped by Amazon through its fulfillment centers. Amazon handles customer service and returns from the customer. Amazon FBA can be a very easy method of selling for the sellers as most of the tasks are being managed by the Amazon platform itself.

In recent times we have noticed a lot of Amazon FBA account suspensions as many sellers have complained about newly created seller’s account suspensions. This sudden increase in newly created accounts suspension has caused panic among the sellers and of course, it is frustrating as it causes uncertainty in their businesses for no reason. Here we are going to elaborate on the main causes of the Amazon FBA account suspensions in detail.

Main reasons for accounts Suspension or Blockage:

There can be many reasons for Amazon FBA accounts suspension among those the main reasons for newly created accounts suspension can be

Deviation from Amazon terms and conditions: Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform and the most reliable. Amazon tries to maintain its status in the competitive market and imposes strict terms and conditions for the sellers. Some sellers do not understand the complexities in terms and conditions of Amazon in particular and Ecommerce rules and regulations in general. This lack of basic knowledge about Amazon and e-commerce forces them to make mistakes that cost their account suspended or blocked.

Poor performance reported by Amazon Algorithms: As earlier mentioned Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform, and it tries to maintain its status in the competitive market and imposes strict terms and conditions for the sellers. Amazon measures the performance of its sellers to maintain its status through different algorithms like Order Defect Rate (ODR), Late Shipment Rate (LSR), and Cancelation Rate (CR). If a seller can’t meet the criteria for Amazon seller his account gets suspended.

Technical mistake of logarithms: Amazon Ai system and logistics create a link with sellers and suspend the account on the base of their performance. But sometimes it can be a technical mistake by these logistics and you may get your account suspended. Not to worry about this kind of suspension as you can easily get your account unsuspended by appealing Amazon. If you have no idea contact Manisofts, it provides you with all the relevant information to get your Amazon FBA seller account unsuspended.

Sole seller of a product: Amazon never allows a product to be sold by a single seller. Even American laws also prevent them to control price fixing in the open market. If you are the sole seller of the product your account may get suspended.

 Linked accounts suspension: Many sellers get their accounts suspended due to linked accounts. These linked accounts have some kind of defaulted history that costs them by the new account suspension. The Linked account suspension may occur  because of these reasons

Suspension because of Service provider: You may have allowed access into your account to someone whose account is suspended like a service provider. Amazon detects the connection and suspends your account.

Already have a suspended account:  If an Amazon seller has a previous defaulted account and creates a new one it will be suspended when Amazon gets the linkage between the accounts. Thus keep in mind once gone, gone.

Seller as a consultant:  An Amazon seller who is selling on Amazon as well as providing consultancy to others and logs into others’ accounts he can get his account suspended because of the linkage detected by Amazon

How to get your Amazon seller account unsuspended:

Amazon cares for its customers and that’s why has very strict terms and conditions. The Intent of the suspension of accounts is to get rid of those sellers who are defaulters. Their suspension of accounts is mostly justified but sometimes there is no obvious reason for suspension while implementing the idea to get rid of defaulters

Your account may get blocked because of above- mentioned reasons; you can follow these steps to get your account unsuspended or unblocked.

First, find the reason for suspension. If you have no idea about your account suspension, it would be difficult to get your account unsuspended. For that reason contact Amazon Account Health Team and click on call me now.

If the issue is, of a linked account ask for the first three letters of the email of the defaulted account on the call. You need some patience while doing so. You need to contact them persistently if not getting the information about the linked account that caused the suspension of your account.

When you have gotten the info of the linked account that caused the suspension, try to solve the problems of those sellers who caused the suspension of that account. After getting the first account unsuspended you can easily get unsuspended the second or all others.

Sometimes suspension could be the reason for the service provider. Look at the permission history of your account and see if is there any permission revoked. This can be a signal of linked account suspension because of the service provider thus you can take this argument for your appeal for activation.

Manisofts provides you with all the related information about newly created account suspensions and to get them unsuspended. You can hire a consultant through Manisofts who will help you if you have any kind of problem regarding Amazon FBA selling.