Amazon Dropshipping Case Study

Dropshipping Case Study

Look how wonderful work we have done!

An Increasing graph of sales show our hardworking!

One of our favorite parts of what we do is making a real difference in the lives of our clients, which brings us to post #3 in our countdown to the new year.
We just got fired by a client for the second time and it was awesome. Let us explain.🖐

When we started last December, our client had about $20k/mo ad sales at 46% ACoS. In 2 months, we’d doubled that with record high ad sales of $45k while cutting ACoS in half. In each subsequent month, we added $20k ad sales until we hit about $105k per month. Amazing growth mostly in a category that was adversely affected by Covid.

Then came the “bad” news – we were let go. Our client’s wife had a marketing background and we helped them scale to the point that his wife could quit her full-time job to help with the Amazon business. We hate to lose a client, but what a special moment for them. We traded best wishes and e-hugs, then parted ways.

About a month later, they hired us back. They just wanted the peace of mind that came with us managing their campaigns. Despite being their slow season, sales remained about 3x higher year over year with ACoS under targets. Performance was great!

Then the “bad” news came – we were let go.. again. Last Tuesday they inked a lucrative agreement to sell their first Amazon business.
Losing a client typically isn’t fun, but we couldn’t be happier for them and are happy to be a part of their big picture success.

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