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Amazon the new sellers missing these opportunities


The majority of new FBA sellers are afraid of Amazon-dominated listings. But in my opinion, these insanely popular listings are the keys to a successful Best business consulting.

Amazon FBA PL For Beginners


There are numerous listings where Amazon is dominant but has low stock or even where Amazon is out of stock.


Most new sellers are advised to avoid listings where Amazon is dominant! But once you find the perfect hot-selling listing, Amazon is running out of stock. Your stock will take a day or two to sell as it must be sold hundreds of times a day.



You can hop on to listings where Amazon is sharing Buy Box (even 30% sharing is enough for your inventory to sell out). Listings where Amazon gets 70% of the buy box and the rest is shared among other sellers. I believe that anyone can and should enter such listings.


There are no price wars on the best-selling listings because the sellers know how to play the perfect game! Everyone is getting equal sales, so no price war is needed.


It is not impossible to find and be in such listings (please don’t say the best listings are gated). There are tons of way to get un-gated into the Gated categories. There is opportunity for everyone; people just have to look for it.


To all new sellers, if you truly want to sell on Amazon and profit, look for such listings.

Become an amazon seller


I wish all the new sellers a happy selling journey on Amazon.

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Best of Luck!

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