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Struggling to get your Amazon account reinstated? We’ll guide you through the process step-by-step to recover your selling privileges fast. Learn what to do, common reasons for suspension, and how to appeal effectively.


Amazon account suspension, therefore, presents an uphill task to sellers to seek to have them reinstated. Amazon, being a market leader in the global e-commerce space, maintains stringent rules and regulations to promote fair and secure trading for both sellers and buyers. The suspension of accounts occurs for different reasons, ranging from policy violations to complaints from customers and other forms of noncompliance. For sellers to possess the opportunity to sell and trade through the platform, it is vital to understand how the Amazon account reinstatement process works. 

This guide steps in to detail the process and illuminate various aspects. It covers the common reasons for account suspensions, how to appeal for reinstatement, and what to do to prevent future occurrences. Fresh or seasoned sellers can leverage the information herein to navigate the numerous challenges via the account creation and maintenance process.

Amazon Account Reinstatement

Reinstating your Amazon account typically involves addressing the reasons why it was suspended or deactivated in the first place. Here are some general steps you can follow to attempt reinstatement:

1. Review the Suspension Notice:

After an Amazon account has been suspended, the suspension notice you should receive via email is the main document you should inspect first. The email is pretty much an overview of the ban that has been placed on your account, which means any reason or issue you must consider should be accurately described in the email. Among the things that Amazon usually adds to the suspension notice are the policies that you may have violated and the noted incidents that have caused Amazon to impose the measure of suspending the account. 

The email you receive should be kept safe since it is the main source of information you will use to recover the account by addressing the mentioned issues in the appeal. The current knowledge of the suspension notice content allows for informed actions to be made in terms of the steps that would need to be taken to rectify the issues, such as improving business operations or responding to customer claims.

2. Preparing a Plan of Action for Amazon Suspension

If Amazon tells you that you have been suspended from selling on the platform, you must craft a professional POA so that the company can lift the suspension. This plan gives you a chance to convince Amazon that you know why they suspended and have developed practical strategies to address your challenge. It should address the following:

1. Analyze the Suspension Notice

The first step is a thorough analysis of the suspended notice from Amazon. You need to pay attention to each of the reasons for the suspension. Indeed, this may be customer complaints, high return rates, order defect rate, intellectual property right complaints, or failure to follow Amazon selling policies. This is the basis for your Plan of Action, so you need to familiarize yourself with this in detail.

2. Document Issues and Solutions

You should document what the problem has been with each of the issues in the suspension notice. If any of the following helped solve the problem, this information should also be included in this section:

  • Customer Feedback Review: If you have obtained feedback from Amazon customers, you can use this information to identify problems with your product or service by examining this feedback for patterns or for specific information about the exact products purchased.
  • Quality Control Improvement: If you have made modifications to your quality control processes based on a product defect, you need to clarify here.
  • Supplier Audits: You need to share information about any audits you have carried out upon your suppliers if the counterfeit claims are true or whether your intellectual property rights have been violated. You also need to share supplier information, including the suppliers you have audited and whether products are authentic.
  • Policy Check: Ensure you have investigated every Amazon policy that applies to your business and have made necessary changes to ensure future compliance..

3. Outline Preventative Measures

Solving the current problems is not sufficient; you must persuade Amazon that these problems will not happen again in the future. Describe the structural adjustments you have made in your business operations. The changes may include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Training Programs for Staff: New training sessions for your team to handle operations more effectively and gain a better understanding of Amazon’s policies. 
  • Regular Audits: A plan to check your inventory and operations regularly; 
  • Customer Service Enhancements: Improving customer service is a critical element in resolving complaints and issues more quickly and effectively.

4. Show Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Remind Amazon of your commitment to meeting customer satisfaction. Amazon’s primary commitment is to the customer and pursue that line. It could be evidence that you have implemented a customer satisfaction metric or plan to offer a measuring system based on customer feedback. 

5. Prepare Supporting Documentation

Documentation to support your Plan of Action; for example invoices from suppliers, quality control records, your claim from correspondence against IP, or contact information where you have received additional training because of your violations. Documentation can go a long way in proving your claims. 

6. Review and Refine Your Plan

Just before you submit the document to Amazon check the contents and the arrangement for any errors, and a third party with information ensures the PSO meets Amazon’s requirements and is easy to read.

3. Submitting Your Appeal to Amazon

Now that you have composed your Plan of Action on your Amazon suspension, the next vital step is filing an appeal. The appeal submission procedure may slightly differ depending on whether you are a seller or a buyer, although in both cases it needs careful and precise work. Here is how you may successfully approach the submission:

1. For Seller Accounts

  • Access Amazon Seller Central: First, log into your Amazon Seller Central account. Seller Central is the platform where you manage your selling activities on Amazon.
  • Find the Performance Menu: After landing on your Performance dashboard, look for the Performance Notifications. It is an area that contains communications from Amazon on notifications about your account health, including the suspension notice that led to your account’s suspension.
  • Submit an Appeal: On finding the suspension notification under the Performance Notifications, you can click on the suspension notice and then the ‘Appeal’. This option will allow you to enter the details of the appeal and attach your plan of action.
  • Attach Your Plan of Action: Be sure to upload your Plan of Action in a manner that is clear and professionally prepared and directly addresses the reasons for suspension as communicated by Amazon.
  • Provide Additional Evidence: Attach any other relevant information that may help to support your Plan of Action. This might include invoices from your suppliers, quality control certification, images of your inventory, or correspondence with trademark holders. Additional evidence makes your appeal stronger.
  • Review and Send: Ensure that your packet is proper and addresses all the suspension notification issues accurately and then submit the appeal.

2. For Buyer Accounts

  • Follow Email Instructions: Amazon will usually give you the steps to appeal your suspension right from the email of suspension in the case your buyer account was suspended. Read them cautiously because this process may have slight differences compared to how the seller account is suspended. Still, argumentation and presentation are key while submitting an appeal. 
  • Prepare Your Appeal Documentation: An appeal document stating your case and plans to correct what led you to suspension may seem like a seller issue only since buyers do not “sell,” but this document should still include all information that can help recover your account.
  • Submit via the Specified Method: Open your form, if specified, or find the email address, and send it according to the suspension email for all the necessary information and attachments shown in the appeal link.

3. General Tips for Submitting Appeals

  • Be Professional: Use professional language and avoid using too many words to ensure that you are concise but thorough in your explanations. Your key aim is to assure that you understand the underlying problem and have put concrete measures in place to ensure that it does not happen again. 
  • Respond Promptly: when you are ready, submit your appeal letter immediately. Promptness confirms that you are committed to solving the issue and ensuring that you have the best chance to restore your relationship with 
  • Check Your Email: After submitting your appeal, be ready to check your email. might require further information from you, or they might already have a decision regarding your situation. 
  • Be Patient: the appeal process might take a while, depending on how complex your case is and how many appeals is handling at the time. Spend your free time reviewing and refining your business practices once more.

4. Waiting for a Response from Amazon After Submitting Your Appeal

After you have submitted your appeal to Amazon, the waiting period begins. This phase is often one of the most challenging for sellers or buyers, as it involves patience and uncertainty. Understanding what happens during this period and how to manage it can help alleviate some of the stress and prepare you for potential next steps.

1. Understanding the Review Process

  • Amazon’s Review Timeline: The timeframe for how long it will take for Amazon to review your appeal may differ. In general, the review will not last longer than a few days or a few weeks. It all depends on a variety of factors, including the complexity of your case, how many other appeals Amazon needs to review at this time, and what specifically caused your suspension.
  • Evaluation of Your Appeal: when your plan of action is submitted, your POA will be reviewed by a particular Amazon team. They will analyze the reasons your account has been suspended and your proposed actions to address the issue and prevent it from happening again. This review is meticulous as Amazon strives to deliver excellent service and see to it that all buyers and sellers follow their regulations.

2. What to Do While Waiting

  • Stay Informed: Continue learning about Amazon policies and the newest compliance best practices. This might not just arm you with the know-how for a potential reinstatement but can help you correct your business to regain eligibility.
  • Prepare for Possible Outcomes: Anticipate possible outcomes from your appeal. I recommend you should plan desirable. Think about your ideal responses, including reinstatement, and undesirable outcomes more seriously — like another request for more information or a final denial. When you have contingency plans, you will be better prepared to act once Amazon makes a decision.
  • Keep Records Organized: Most importantly, it is worth to keep records organized. Thus, all the information and the received and sent letters from and to Amazon should be accurately sorted and saved to be able to refer back to them if required in the process or in case any additional documents are requested.
  • Monitor my email and Amazon account: I would regularly check the email linked to my account and the account itself for any updates or emails from Amazon. Measurement can sometimes be time-sensitive, especially where there are follow-up requests from Amazon that need quick responses.

3. Managing Stress and Expectations

  • Maintain a Positive Mindset: Do your best not to complain as you wait. Instead, try to express a proactive and positive attitude. This is also a chance to dream, strategize, and think about your business’s future success and growth. 
  • Seek Support: Even in instances where you wish to file the appeal, the waiting period is unbearable. You should seek support by following Amazon seller’s and buyers forums and communities. By doing so, you may receive moral help, convenient recommendations, and camaraderie throughout the appeal.
  • Plan for Contingencies: Depending on the outcome of the appeal, start formulating a backup plan for the business. Furthermore, consider branching out to different markets, and identify and rectify negative aspects that may have played a role in your suspension:

5. Following Up on Your Amazon Appeal

And now you need to start waiting after sending the letter of appeal to Amazon. Amazon usually reviews such appeals quite promptly, but even in periods of peak workload or in particularly difficult cases, the process may be delayed. If you have not received an answer in a week or two after sending the letter, it is better to call Amazon. The following are the guidelines for effective tracking and communication during this period:

1. Understanding When to Follow Up

  • Expected Response Time: Amazon typically responds to appeals in one to two weeks. However, it may definitely be much longer depending on the details of your case and the volume of their current backlog. You need to give the company at least the minimum expected duration before you follow up: they need the time to review your case properly.
  • Mark Your Calendar: Mark Your Calendar within the time you sent your appeal and calculate when the normal period implied you’d have got a reaction. Note this down so you’ll ask yourself to check in on the schedule just in case that doesn’t work out as expected.

2. Preparing to Follow Up

  • Review your Original Submission: Prior to requesting assistance, ensure that you look into your first appeal submission and any messages from Amazon. By doing so, you will be better placed to understand what your case entails and all the necessary information while reaching out.
  • Gather Your Information:: Be ready with your seller or buyer ID, the case or reference number if you have any, and a copy of your Plan of Action. They will provide useful metadata to help Amazon’s support staff to identify your file quickly, enabling them to comprehend your inquiry better and respond to you appropriately.

3. How to Follow Up

  • Use the correct channels: Always follow up through the official channels provided by Amazon. For sellers, this is typically through the Amazon Seller Central where you submitted your appeal. If there’s a specific email or contact form linked in your original suspension notice or in Amazon’s guidelines, use that.
  • Be Concise and Professional: In your message to Amazon, you should be brief and maintain a professional tone. Just state that on 2024 submitted an appeal that has remained unanswered and express your interest in knowing the latest in your case. That makes you sound proactive but also respects their working procedures.
  • Provide Essential details: Make sure you have included all the important details in your follow-up so that it is easier for Amazon to connect your case together. The key information to include is your seller/buyer ID, the appeal submission date, this information, and a reminder of the appeal itself shortly.

4. What to Expect

  • Immediate acknowledgment: In most cases, Amazon will provide immediate acknowledgment of your follow-up – this means that your inquiry is in the log and the process of finding the solution is active. Nevertheless, a resolution or a substantive response may require more time.
  • Further delays: In some situations, Amazon may need more time to consider your appeal; such a measure might be applied in cases when your issue is complex or the company is dealing with many similar cases simultaneously.

5. Handling Continued Delays

  • Stay Organized: Need to ensure that you can easily and accurately document all of your interactions with Amazon in case the situation continues to drag on and you need to move to level three. 
  • Consider Additional Follow-ups: follow up with the service within another reasonable timeframe if you have not received a response. Be respectful and to the point, but make it clear that this issue is critical to the success of your organization.


Can an Amazon buyer account be reinstated?

From the contemptible action, you can contact Amazon customer service through your account interface or email. Knowing the reason behind the suspension, you can start taking action to mitigate the problem and restore your account.

How can I recover my suspended Amazon account?

The fastest way to have access to your account restored is if you provided the required information directly via our secure login portal. While our Customer Service team will help you through this, they may ask you to do it on your own:

Can I get my Amazon account back?

If Two-Step Verification does not work and you are finally locked out of account, you may find one last retribution. To regain access, you should identify yourself by providing a scanned image or a simple photograph of your national ID.

Can I make another Amazon account after being suspended?

Essentially, if you fail to handle it properly, that will be your only chance to restore a blocked Amazon account following the suspension stage, and you will be permanently unable to able to Trade on Amazon.

How long will my Amazon account be suspended?

Reinstatement can be resolved within a few days or up to a week for minor violations. For major violations, it could take several weeks to a few months to restore and, for more complicated cases, it may take several months or more to recover account access to unsuspend it.


The reinstatement of the Amazon account is a critical process for suspended sellers. Knowing the reasons for the suspension and being able to properly handle the appeals are major steps enabling one to get back to business. However, suspended sellers need to be proactive, pay attention to details, and emphasize sincerity as they address Amazon’s issues. 

The use of the services of professionals specializing in the process of account reinstatement can greatly improve the chances of winning the appeals, particularly in complex cases. Finally, the sellers should learn from the suspension and implement compliance on an ongoing basis to avoid such issues in the future. Overall, proper preparation and a thorough knowledge of Amazon’s rules are essential for a quick and successful account reinstatement and continuity in the business.