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6 Websites to Get Ecommerce Funding For Your Business

Do you want to start your own business and don’t have investment for it? It is one of the main reasons why many entrepreneurs having wonderful Business ideas can’t even take single step toward the accomplishment of their goals.

Then How to solve the problem of investment for a startup? Sometimes young entrepreneurs take loans on high interest rates and they get into a debt trap.

Indeed every novice entrepreneur with a new business idea knows how much money he needed to get start the business. He also has a guess about how much profit can be generated. But they have this problem of investment to work on their business plan. Are you one of those who have wonderful business ideas but lack the capital to start it? Don’t worry we are here to solve this problem by informing you to get ecommerce funding for your Business consulting services on easy terms and conditions.

Here are those 6 websites you can rely upon to fix the problem of investment for your business

1. 8fig

8 fig ecommerce website provides you long term loans for your ecommerce businesses. They know all the complexities of ecommerce businesses and thus give you a leverage of long term loans. They keep in mind the profit potential and thus fund you accordingly. They just not focus on loan recovery rather their main goal is profit maximization of your business. They provide you guarantee free funding. They equally understand the problem of cash flow which can disturb a business if not supported and maintained by buffer investment to nurture it at the critical point. Thus you can rely on 8fig for your ecommerce business and start your journey as an entrepreneur.

Plan of Action:

You can use the 8 fig dashboard to explain your ecommerce business idea.8fig has customized plans for every individual based on the type of business plan and idea. They have experts in the fields of sales forecasting maximum profit and cash flow optimization. These experts will evaluate the feasibility of the project and will fund you accordingly. After evaluating the feasibility of the plan they make such an adjustment that the repayment schedule will not disturb the growth of the startup.

Terms and conditions for applying on their on their growth capital:

  • You must be an e commerce business man and must be selling on an e commerce platform like Amazon, Walmart, EBay, Woo commerce, Shopify etc.
  • Moreover minimum monthly sales must be $8000 and a track record of monthly sales more than $8000 for continuously 3 months within the last year.

2. Wayflyer

Unlike other ecommerce sites Wayflyer has custom funding plans for the entrepreneurs to ensure growth. Like other ecommerce funding sites they also have a proper plan for growth and development of business.

Process of Wayflyer:

Wayflyer needs a direct connection of the ecommerce selling market like Amazon and EBay. Moreover your analytics account must also be linked to Wayflyer to get the access to the loans and their experts support. Next step is same to pick up the custom options of funding to invest in the business. Experts are always available for your support to get maximum profit through the project and schedule a successful repayment of the primary loan. Repayment of Wayflyer is easy as they adjust it usually through future sales. Thus when sales are down you have a sigh of relief because you don’t need to cut your investment for repayment.

Application criteria:

  • For sure you are an ecommerce businessman
  • Higher monthly sales than $20,000
  • Established business of minimum six months
  • Target countries for your project must be Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Spain.

3. Funding Nexus

Funding Nexus connects different businessmen with different ecommerce funding sectors. Businessmen can select the ecommerce funding agency best suited for them. Nexus helps you to determine your orientation toward right ecommerce funding site which best suits you. Indeed it provides you all the best possible plans in front of you and then it’s on your discretion to choose any.

Plan of action:

Funding Nexus has a wonderful feature of giving you clear idea about your investment in your plan. Sometimes because of hidden costs your predicted investment can be wrong and eventually affects your business in longer tern. To avoid this problem, Funding Nexus first gives you clear idea about your investment. Having a clear investment prediction increases your chances of success to manifolds.                                                                                                                                                   

They evaluate the project again and again to avoid any miscalculation. After their thorough analysis and complete evaluation of the plan they put all possible options in front of you and you have to pick the one which best suits you.

The best thing about the Funding nexus is that they are impartial to any funding organization that’s why they will always recommend you the best option for you. They care about you as they are the part of your team thus you can rely on them depending on their impartiality.

4. Yardline

Yardline offers loans to mainly larger businesses. They fund the projects which usually have high costs as well as high profit margins. Yardline has a better customer care services. They make sure that their clients are getting maximum growth and profit in their bushiness. With technology and highly expert professionals they attain their target with maximum accuracy.

You have to be the part of Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Shopify and other online markets o avail their offers. Yardline like Uncapped also have customized plans for their customers for their convenience.

Process of Yardline:

  • Fill their basic application form
  • Verification and evaluation of project from their side
  • Finalizing the deal with scheduling repayments

Yardline sellers’ success program basically gives their expert idea from marketing to selling, to ensure maximum growth. Their experts have ability of strong decisions even at critical condition to make sure the growth is at the expected pace.

5. Uncapped

Uncapped was basically formulated for European entrepreneurs. Uncapped was designed with the vision that banks have slow process and high interest rates that halts the startups and hinders their growth. Uncapped that’s why provides loans with relatively fast process and low interest rates that helps novice entrepreneurs to excel in their business.

To avoid any delay Uncapped has very fast and effective process. They evaluate the idea with in no time and guide you about all the possibilities of growth. Uncapped gives you loan in these different categories

  • Interest free loan on flat fee:

Uncapped provides you interest free loan with their fixed fee on the loan. Use of loan is on your discretion thus you can use it in any business you are interested to. Moreover they give you customized options for repayment thus you can select the repayment schedule on daily, monthly or annual basis.

  • SaaS Runway for Flexible Capital:

Uncapped also provides you another offer of SaaS runway for the flexible capital. Availing this offer gives you primary loan as you can get more when your business gets wider. In simple words if there is more revenue you can get more loan from Uncapped.

  • Repayment on sales:

There is another extraordinary option for repayment given by Uncapped. You can repay on the percentage of your sales for the primary loan and the fee. When sales are down repayments are adjusted accordingly.

6. Kickfurther

Kickfurther is a more known to entrepreneurs for two reasons

  • They are the only one who finance inventory
  • Moreover they are the only one who offer a community of buyers by making a connection between willing entrepreneurs to be the part of the business and community of Buyers.

Thus when get the services from Kickfurther you neither have the problem of maintaining inventory because an established brand is financing you, nor of the customers. Thus a sure profit can be generated.

Eligibility criteria:

    • You must be selling a physical product
    • There should be a selling record of your business
    • Minimum revenue for 12 months must be more than $150,000

    The process of getting registered with the site is very simple just apply for the loan and after their evaluation of your business get funding within minutes to invest. After you get registered with their monthly subscription plan you can be their regular customer with the basic fee along repayment of their loan.

Concluding remarks:

There can be and are a lot of ecommerce websites that you can find on internet. But we connected you to reliable and authentic sites with easier terms and conditions which allow novice entrepreneurs to excel in their businesses. But we will ask you to research on your side to find such an ecommerce funding site that suits you the best.

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